Zi Wei Reading for the Year of Bing Shen (Year 2016)

Jan 222016

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As we are approaching the festive season, it is a customary practice for most who celebrate Chinese New Year to have their destinies read for the new year. The benefits, among all, is to find out the opportunities and threats that lie ahead in the Bing Shen year (丙申年) or aka Fire Monkey year. 

This somehow does not exclude the need for a repeat reading even if you have done an overview reading before. Importantly to note, a repeat reading will help to confirm the events. Some events when done in the past could only give you some vague ideas out of your imagination. This fuzziness will become clearer as more and more environmental variables that did not exist then are now becoming prominent as the year draws closer. 

As everyone already knows, Zi Wei Dou Shu personalises a person’s destiny chart by singling in only information that is personal to an individual such as Gender, Date of Birth and Time of Birth. It is therefore rather unusual or even impossible to generalise a reading for the mass public with just one simple piece of analysis.

Nevertheless the year 2016 or technically more specific and correct, a year of the Bing Shen (丙申年), is where the Year-Self will sit on everyone's Shen box. This will definitely help reading so much more easily for many people.

(Find out more from your own Zi Wei Chart: Plot your Zi Wei Chart here)


Chart 1: Where is the Shen Box?

 Zi Wei Reading 2016

The location of Shen box can be found on the top-right hand corner which is also coincidentally a part of the family in Four Horse Corners (四马之地). Quite often, when the Y-Self sits on a Four Horse Corner, it will usually mean that the chances of your mobility will become high. The definition of mobility is somewhat wide. It covers a spectrum that goes from travel, frequent moving, relocation, migration, changes, separation, hospitalisation or even to permanent departure. For someone who does not travel much in life, this year may see a good chance of hitting the road. On the other hand, for most others who travel very frequently especially travel fares have become a lot more affordable than before these days, this year will then be a bigger, bolder, more adventurous travel year for you. Remember, Four Horse Corners will include more than just your personal leisure trip, it can also cover mobility that is related to business or work, such as office relocation.

You can read more specifically about Four Horse Corners here (Read: Ziwei and Your Travel Opportunity).

Does that mean everyone will have a mobility in year 2016? Absolutely not. If you have just read the article above (Zi Wei and Your Travel Opportunity), you would have noticed that there are some strict Sihua conditions to meet before your mobility gets activated (To learn more about Zi Wei Chart Interpretation: Zi Wei Interpretation for beginner).

Without diving too much into the technical detail of Sihua interpretation, let's have a look at these Charts. As Bing Shen year has not yet begun, presented below are some examples that have happened in the previous Four Horse Corners. These examples are testimonies to what the respective owners have experienced before. Nevertheless, they will still deliver the same translation if they were to happen in year 2016 on the Shen Box.  


Chart 2: The demise of her husband in 2010

  Ziwei Flying Stars Reading for Bing Shen Year


Chart 3: His mother got hospitalized in 2013

 Destiny luck for 2016


Chart 4: Year 2013 saw a challenging year for her relationship with spouse 

 Destiny for Year of Bing Shen


Chart 5: Year 1998 was an active travel year for work 

 Year of Bing Fire Monkey


Chart 6: The owner moved into a new and bigger house in 2013

 Destiny Reading for Monkey Year

This also acknowledges that it is a big taboo to discuss bad events during the Chinese New Year. However, this article was written in mind with education as its main purpose. Besides, what have happened to others is not likely to be relevant to you at all since every Zi Wei Chart is unique and different.

The landing of Y-Self on the Shen box will also mean that your connection with the people who were born in the year of Shen (Monkey), will be switched on too. Explaining from a layman perspective, the likelihood of your interaction with the Monkey year born people will dramatically increase in this year (Years of monkey include 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992 and 2004). Whether the event will result in a positive outcome or otherwise will all depend on how the Sihua Fly connects your Shen box with other Cells on your Ziwei Chart. To some, this interaction may become a major highlight for the year of 2016. While for others on the other hand, it may not even warrant a slight attention as the significance of other Zodiac may overwrite it completely. A Sihua master will be able to decode this for you. 

What about Tai Sui (太歲)? Will I offend the Tai Sui (犯太岁) in year 2016? These are some of the common questions we have been asked to clarify almost every yearly. The answer to this question is plainly simple. Tai Sui is not part of the Zi Wei Dou Shu. Therefore its effect on a Zi Wei Chart is almost none. Despite Zi Wei Dou Shu being part of the Five Arts in Taoism, it is not rooted to any religion nor does it have connection with any religion.

On the other hand, Tai Sui, a deity in Taoism, and also another Chinese name for Jupiter planet, has always been an important part in the Taoism religion. For this reason, it is thought to be best left with the experts in that religion to explain it. 

On behalf of Ziwei Asia and Institute of Ziwei International family, I wish you a new year filled with prosperity, joy and contentment. Gong Xi Fa Chai.



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