Do clashes really exist?

Aug 282016

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A Clash (相冲). Doesn't it sound scary? It certainly does. In Asian community, a clash has been given a far more negative connotation than it sounds.

It can mean a "jinx". It can also mean "bring harm to". It can also mean "destructive". For example, if a child clashes with the parent, this may be interpreted as the child will hurt the parent, bring harm to or will ruin her at some point in her life. It means the child will bring her bad luck. It is an inevitable jinx.

There are some formulas that designate certain fixed pairs of clash. 

Rat      Horse  (子午冲)

Ox      Sheep  (丑未冲)
Tiger      Monkey  (寅申冲)
Rabbit      Rooster  (卯酉冲)

Dragon      Dog  (辰戌冲)
Snake      Pig  (巳亥冲)


If you were born in the year of Tiger, your potential harm will come from Monkey friends. These pairs are pre-determined by your year of birth, hence your zodiac sign. No one is spared from this.

The idea of establishing such relation may have its underlying rationale. However, it is its simplicity that suggests human relations can be generalized into six pairs that are waiting to destroy each other. Worse, the cultural factor in Asian community goes further by multiplying its negative representation. 

Fortunately, Zi Wei Flying Stars does not subscribe to this notion. In contrast, Zi Wei clashes are unique to individual. That means everyone has his/her own set of clashes. It will only become apparent if one plots his/her own personalized Ziwei Chart. A Ziwei Chart is built on systematic calculation and requires high degree of accuracy on its birth information inputs. As such the calculated clashes are distinctively personalized and thus single out unnecessary generalization.

(Plot your Zi Wei Chart here)

More importantly, a clash in Ziwei does not equal to a jinx, harm, hurt or an evil motive. It just means "weak connection" or loose affinity. Using the same example above, the clash from the child may at worst exhibit a loose relationship between them. Not necessarily in conflicting term, both may enjoy each other's company but there might be unavoidable roadblocks that come in between them. Modern lives of today's society are testament to this where parents work abroad or children either grow up studying, working outside or even migrated abroad.

 Chinese Clash


In this case, the Client suffers a clash triggered from her Children. What really happened was the Client lost the custodial rights after the marriage breakup, despite heavy court battles. Effectively, it means a weak affinity between them. In no way does the clash represent any harm the Children is planning to inflict upon her. 

Clashes are common in Ziwei Flying Stars. Start exploring your Chart to find out yours.

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