자미두수 블로그: 낙태 (Abortion)

Sep 222016

👤   Author: Jay


자미두수를 해석하면, 많은 것들을 읽을 수 있다


명반에서 자녀와 관련된 사건을 찾아보자


이 명반은 명주와 자녀가 함께 살고 있지만, 서로의 관계는 그다지
좋지 않음을 나타낸다.

Do clashes really exist?

Aug 282016

👤  Author: Woo

A Clash (相冲). Doesn't it sound scary? It certainly does. In Asian community, a clash has been given a far more negative connotation than it sounds.

It can mean a "jinx". It can also mean "bring harm to". It can also mean "destructive". For example, if a child clashes with the parent, this may be interpreted as the child will hurt the parent, bring harm to or will ruin her at some point in her life. It means the child will bring her bad luck. It is an inevitable jinx.

There are some formulas that designate certain fixed pairs of clash. 

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